The older I get the more I dislike Christmas. Of course, I can’t really say I ever liked the holiday to begin with. Now let me be clear: I enjoy seeing friends and family over the holidays, and eating turkey and all that good stuff, but the rest is complete bullshit. Even as a child I dreaded the season (along with a million other things). I did look forward to the break from school, but that was about it.

The Christians in the back row are shaking their heads and gasping and clutching their chests and mouthing, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Jesus has nothing to do with the season, and I doubt very much he’s celebrating a made up holiday. Call me Scrooge, or whatever other term you use for Christmas buzz-kills like myself, but the fact that we spend three weeks a year being nice to each other irks me.

If you believe in Christ. If you believe he is God incarnate. That he strapped on a human body, became flesh, blood and bone, to save us all. That’s great. But people going into debt to show how much they love their friends and family, doesn’t seem very Christ-like to me. Spending a shit-load of money on useless stuff to make yourself and others feel good, doesn’t seem Christ-like to me, either. But again, Christ has nothing to do with it.

Most historians and Biblical scholars agree that Jesus of Nazareth was born sometime in the Spring, not in the winter, and certainly not on December 25. That Christmas is celebrated at the same time pagans celebrate the winter solstice raises a few eyebrows, but is likely just coincidence. None of that really matters, as far as I’m concerned. My issue is with the phoniness of it all.

If you believe in Christ, and in being loving and giving and doing good – hell, even if you don’t believe in Christ – why not be loving and giving all the time? Why should the focus of being kind to one another be just one day of the year – okay, not one day, but roughly a three week period that consists of cloying music, sappy made-for-tv movies and tons of silly commercials for things we don’t need?

After the holidays are over, people (most, not all) go back to being selfish and oblivious to the needs of others. It all seems so shallow.

Anyway, let me get down off my soapbox (there, it’s put away for now), and wish you all good things for the coming days, weeks, months and years. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, Merry Christmas.