Remember When?

Remember eight years ago, when Barack Obama was elected president of the United States, and the white, black and brown people who opposed him rioted in the streets and acted like cry-baby thugs? That’s right, you don’t remember, because it never happened. Liberals paint themselves as peaceful, highly enlightened and loving people, yet the minute their candidate loses they act like 4 year-olds in the toy aisle at Walmart who can’t have that shiny new toy.

The American election was a complete circus; both sides embarrassed themselves with their antics. That Donald Trump won, despite all the help Hillary had from the Liberal media, proves that people are sick and tired of the same ole same ole. The mountain of evidence against Clinton is damning, even the blatant assistance from the FBI in covering up her mishandling of classified information (something other people are serving decades in prison for doing) couldn’t save her.

Trump’s win is a much needed blow against political correctness. We’ve gotten to a place where if you look at someone the wrong way, they are in tears and need a safe place. You can’t voice your opinion about anything. If you happen to disagree with someone of colour, you are labelled a racist. If you disagree with a woman, you’re a misogynist. If you disagree with same-sex marriage or a homosexual, you’re homophobic. And on and on the silliness goes.

White people, black people, hispanic people, men and women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds voted for Trump. Why? Because they saw through the bullshit. They turned off the Liberal owned media, and used their brains to research the truth. The fact so many women voted for Hillary because she was a woman, is ridiculous. One day a smart, humble woman, with integrity and vision, a woman who doesn’t belong in prison, will become President, and it will be a good day for the world.

Is Trump the saviour America needs? Who knows. People thought Obama was the second coming, that he was going to save their country. How did that work out? Obama is a slick politician with a silver tongue, but he did more to divide Americans than any President in my lifetime. He continually poured fuel on the Black Lives Matter movement, and stoked the flames of racism. He weakened the United States in the eyes of the world with his goof-ball schtick.

These are dangerous times, but there is great hope. The opportunity exists for people to come together and right the ship. I’m not an American citizen, but if the United States goes down, we all go down. We need to embrace our differences, secure North America and begin to repair the massive gap between left and right. It’s time to put down our swords and stand together.

Remember when people actually got along and loved one another? I do.