The Last Time I Saw A Mouth That Big…

Natalie Maines is up to her old tricks. The loud-mouthed vocalist for the Dixie Chicks has opened her titanic lips and pissed off a bunch of people, again. If you recall, in 2003, Maines pandered to a British audience by denouncing then American President George W. Bush, who was about to send U.S. troops into Iraq. The backlash in the states was fierce. The Chicks went from being chart-topping darlings, to despised pariahs.

America, on the brink of war, and still wounded deeply from the attacks of September 11, 2001, did not appreciate one of it’s own shitting all over the country to appease foreign fans. Maines had a right to say what she said, but it’s hard not to think she wasn’t simply pandering when she shot her mouth off. When the whole thing turned bad, Maines cast herself in the role of martyr. And boy did she relish in that role – she carried that cross around like a true Liberal saviour.

Home, the 2002 album the Dixie Chicks were supporting when Maines opened her yap, was a monumental collection, a masterpiece. The band’s two previous albums had sold more than 10 million copies each in the U.S., and Home was on its way to matching that feat, until Maines made her ugly comments about the President. Had Maines not pandered so heavily to that British audience, her band might very well have achieved Garth Brooks or U2-like status.

Fast forward 13 years, and Maines is once again showing the world just how vile she is. In a series of Tweets, the singer blasted the Country Music Association after The Dixie Chicks teamed with Pop singer Beyonce for a performance at the 50th Annual CMA Awards last week. The performance had country music fans crying foul and wondering why Beyonce’s slot wasn’t given to an actual country performer. Maines now claims she ‘used’ the CMA to sing with Beyonce.

To say Maines has about as much class as a cracked up nickel whore digging for change in her Dollar Store purse to pay for a pack of smokes, is an understatement. I have no problem with what she said about George W. Bush, but she just comes across looking foolish – and a little unstable – every time she opens her gigantic mouth. And despite what Maines and her windbag Liberal friends and supporters think, she was never the victim.

Sadly, Maines still believes she was the one wronged; she doesn’t realize it’s not so much what she said all those years ago, but how and where she said it. Her latest case of verbal diarrhea, however, just shows how self-important and delusional she really is. The last time I saw a mouth that big, it had a hook it.