What If Bruce Springsteen Is A Moron, Too?

I know I said this site would stay away from politics, and for the most part it will, but Bruce Springsteen publicly calling Donald Trump a moron deserves a response. Now Mr. Springsteen has every right in the world to voice his opinion on Trump. That’s not where I take issue with the singer-songwriter. It’s the fact that he stated Hillary Clinton would make a good president in the same article (an article that appeared in the left-wing rag Rolling Stone magazine).

Almost everyone knows Springsteen is a bleeding heart liberal; he has never made any bones about where he stands politically, and that’s fine. By calling Trump a moron and claiming Hillary Clinton would make a good president, however, Springsteen has alienated a large group of his followers. I realize most emotionally stable people don’t look to celebrities for political advice, but there are those who are easily influenced by their heroes (heroes who are no more enlightened than they are, mind you).

Springsteen’s pretentious attitude only shows how out of touch with the common man he really is. He may sing about men and women struggling to make ends meet and navigate an America that is soulless and corrupt, but ‘The Boss’ is so far removed from these people. Springsteen doesn’t realize that despite his faults, Trump is fighting to save what’s left of America. Clinton is owned by the corporations and individuals who oppress and steal from the very people Springsteen sings about.

A friend of a friend on Facebook (it should really be called Fakebook, but I digress), commented that anyone who supports Trump shouldn’t be listening to Springsteen’s music. How ridiculous is that? These are the people, the autoworkers, factory workers – the ones in the trenches day in and day out trying to stay afloat in a world sinking in greed and corruption; men and women who scrape by and long for the days when the American dream was within their grasp.

To be clear, I’m a big fan of Springsteen’s music; he’s one of my favorite songwriters. I’ve never paid much attention to his political views, simply because I have a brain of my own and the ability to research and form my own opinions. I don’t have a dog in this race (well, actually, the upcoming American election will impact the rest of the world greatly, so in many ways we all have a dog in the race), but Springsteen has blinders on if he thinks Clinton won’t maintain the status quo.

Springsteen supported Barack Obama in the last two U.S. elections. He stood on his self-righteous soapbox and told his fans how much smarter he was than they were. How did things turn out for America with Obama at the helm? The man has divided the country and set race relations back decades, not to mention get in bed with Iran and turn a blind eye to terrorism. (It’s interesting to note Clinton and Obama are suddenly cozy, despite being enemies a few short years ago.)

America might very well be doomed no matter who gets elected this November (all empires fall, eventually). As an outsider watching the once mighty nation burn to the ground, I hope my American friends – everyone in the U.S., actually – will research both candidates (from credible sources) and get out and vote. Forget what the media tells you, forget what Bruce Springsteen and other wealthy and out-of-touch celebrities tell you, use your own brain.